Health and wellness


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates

At Ashburn Natural Wellness, we truly believe that we are what we eat. Our diet can single handedly affect the way our mind and body function and feel. We love guiding patients on their nutrition journey and have many resources available to assist with this.


While exercise is crucial to developing a healthy body and mind, we are even more focused on movement. Every body needs something a little different when it comes to various forms of movement. What your body needs right now may be completely different than what you needed 20 years ago. It is important to meet our body where it is right now and not compare it to where it was or what it once used to do.


Sleep is so incredibly important and can dictate our physical health and mood. It is not always realistic to get the recommended hours of sleep each night with our busy schedules, but small 20 minute naps when possible can help us to recharge. Prioritizing your sleep health can decrease the body’s level of cortisol which can ultimately decrease inflammation in the body and therefore pain levels.